Good Food ( M is for Mmmmmm)

(Ok, I know it is a stretch)

Today’s piece of art is food.

Not just any kind of food… no… Southern food!

While in Georgia we came across a restaurant we had not seen before.

We had seen the building before… but it was a gas station at the time.  Now it was a restaurant.

That was a good sign.

The next thing we noticed was that its name was spelled in an unusual way.  Not the Country Kitchen… NO.  It was the Kuntry Kitchen.

Another good sign.

My wife was sort of concerned when I suggested we stop in for breakfast the next day.  But she was willing to break out of the box and give it a try.

We went in and found two “Kuntry” women, one cooking and the other serving.  Both were nice and talked with us as they explained why there were no menus… it was written on the chalk board on the wall, (another good sign).

And if you want something else, we’ll cook it for you. ( yet another good sign)

So we ordered breakfast… and we were presented with art!


Yes that was a $2 sausage and egg biscuit!

That, and the rest of the meal was, like 6 bucks…. Even more art!


I am sorry to say, they were closed when we went back to try it again.

The note on the door said the inspector had closed them down.  Not for being unclean, but for having the wrong kind of shelves.


Once again.. the man keeping someone down.


Do you have art from an unexpected place?  I would love to see it.

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Use the form below.

See ya tomorrow.




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