Little Blacksmith (L is for little)

I always make a point to walk around in the morning whenever I am out of town.
The air is fresher, the streets are less crowded, and no one minds me taking photos of the interesting things I find.

This photo was of a stone carving in Asheville, NC.  It’s on the front of a lawyer’s office on Patton Av. As a metal artist, I am interested in any forms of blacksmithing and its representation in art. So I was excited to see the stone carving of these little ironworkers, hammering away at the anvil. It looks small here but it is about 20 feet long.

little blacksmiths

The extra time, energy, and money put into ornamentations on buildings build in the 1920s is amazing. I love looking at the tops and corners of these old buildings just to see what they put up there. Not many people see these details…but they created them anyway.

And I find them on my morning walks…

And I smile, and thank the craftsmen who made them.

Stone carving is a dying art. Let me know if you see any good pieces near you.

Or just let me know what you think of the little blacksmiths from Asheville.
You can contact me at:

Or just use the form below.

Check back on Monday…Sunday is a holiday from the A to Z Challenge


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  1. Love those ornate details on older buildings. It’s a shame that we’ve lost that sense of art. Newer buildings look like architectural versions of product packaging. Good insight.

    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog


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