Four Year Old Fashionista (F is for Fashionista)

Here is a photo of the sparkly sequined shoes worn by the tiny little four year old sitting in the seat in front of me on a recent  plane ride.

I was heading to Iowa to see my daughter and son in law for Easter.  She was on her way to Chicago to see grandma.

She was excited and was wearing her fanciest shoes.

photo 3

I ask you this question… Does a tiny four year old girl need to wear crazy sparkly shoes just to go see Grandma?

Duh… of course she does!

Where have you seen someone doing something, or wearing something just because it NEEDS to be worn?

I’d love to hear about it.

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See ya tomorrow…. There is more


  1. Wonderful post. Sparkly shoes are fun, and its sweet to think of the little girl getting dressed up to see her grandma.

    Claire’s Writing Log
    Twitter: @ClaireGoverts


  2. Great take on the prompt! Not to sound sexist but I love it even more because you are a guy.


  3. Delightful post, Steven. At that age, all the little sparkly things are more important than food, sleep, safety or world peace. One’s best appearance and behavior trumps all reason. It’s an adorable age and I think more of us miss it than not. Thank you for visiting my post as well. Still getting the hang of being a new blogger.


  4. Yeah, I did a photo shoot with the Traveling Yellow Skirt – it just had to be worn! *grins*

    Found you through AtoZ and have you on Google reader now.


  5. little girls in sparkling shoes .. looking pretty, feeling great! The way we dress can reflect how we feel .. getting dressed up for an occasion brings the sense of occasion. Good luck with the A to Z from a fellow April challenger!


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