Working Copper (the letter C)

I had the opportunity for another “whatever you want” project recently.
I was commissioned to fill the panels of a pie safe type pantry cabinet. The cabinet was beautifully made and stained a dark blue, almost black. At the time there was cloth in the panel areas.

The client wanted something artistic to replace the cloth.

Then I heard those great words “make something nice”.  So the design concept and execution was up to me.

My first thought was a punched tin design, traditional to pie safes. But to those of you who know me… I am not traditional.
I had done work in copper before and thought it would mesh with the rest of the light colored wood in the kitchen. There was also a definite nautical theme in the house.

So the design was taking shape. Stamped shells and sand on the edges of the metal with a clean center. I then decided to patina the edges and fade into the shiny center.

It took a while but I was able to make a set of stamps to use in making the assorted shells and shapes.
Here are some of them:

copper tools

I did some experiments and determined the stamping should be done from the back so the design would be raised on the finished piece.

The copper was cut and ready to go.
The stamps were figured out.
It seemed simple… but if I screwed it up, it was going to be a huge waste of copper. Copper which had to be replaced…

Well I am pleased to say; the design come out just as planned and the patina looked imperfectly perfect.

Here is the photo:

Marsha 1marsha 2

The client was thrilled and I was thrilled to see her reaction.

When it all comes together…life is good.

I would love to hear your thoughts or comments.
you can contact me at

or just use the form below.

See ya tomorrow….



  1. Beautiful piece, love the shells and the copper was a nice choice. Though I’m partial to copper.


  2. I’m geek enough to be puzzled over if I am more impressed with the finished piece, or with you building your own tools to do it! I am so loving that I found your blog in the Challenge!


    • Nick, you know, making the tools was really easy after I understood how they worked and how they could be used together. Still a lot of fun. Now… what do I do with them?


      • Don’t you mean. what else? Surely one set of shells stamped in copper is not the “life goal” of these dies? 🙂


  3. Beautiful stuff!


  4. Beautiful! That’s awesome they let you just do whatever you wanted. They must have known you and your nice work.


    • It is indeed a great opportunity, Heidi. It was great to be asked to “just do it”. She didn’t even want to see drawings. Lots of fun, and lots of pressure too!!


  5. I love the way your imagination runs wild. It makes for beautiful art.


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