Just Because (B for Because)

In my continued quest to find and blog about art all around us for the A to Z Challenge… here is my find for the B day.

I had been to the gym first thing in the morning and went to the local- on every corner- they all look alike- where you can buy anything- including medicine, pharmacy.
I had made my purchase and then walked outside to find this bright red Chevy parked next to me.
Not a big deal, but then I noticed the artwork.


The bumper had been painted with a mosaic of beautiful floral designs. All abstracted together in a mix of color and design.
I stopped instantly and smiled. I had often seen crazy painting on a car to cover a dent or a scrape…but no… this work was done just for the beauty of the work itself. A moving, on the go canvas traveling under its own power.

I decided to take a picture with my phone.
As I was doing so the owner walked up.
She said she had liked the design and wanted to make something interesting on her car. She even said it may be cleaned off and redone in a different design sometime soon.


I let her know I would be watching for her at the local- on every corner- they all look alike- where you can buy anything- including medicine, pharmacy, and to make sure to park there so all could see her next art piece.

I would love to hear your observations and comments.

You can email me at

or just comment in the box below.

See ya tomorrow…I’m out looking for art.




  1. Love it! Love the colors and appreciate you sharing it. I’ve seen cars with all kinds of stuff on them. One of my favorites had zillions of those small plastic toys (soldiers, farm animals, etc.) glued all over it. Probably hard on gas mileage but overall cool.


  2. I LIKE it! So girly-girl. I guess that is the ultimate in “public” art …

    Popped in from AtoZ.



    • thank you, its girly-girl but men comment the most lol.. btw its my car


  3. Here is a person unafraid to stand out for doing something unusual.


    • Ha! I didnt realize how unusal it was until ppl in my neighborhood came around and i saw expressions ranging from shock , horror, and awe. one lady gasped so loud with eyes wide stating in slightly panicked tone ‘oH MY GAWD, THATS A NEW CAR SHE PAINTING ON! WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT??’ i said so she would hear ,’its just a car, i own it. it doesnt own me… so WHY not? i think its pretty, and makes me happy, so why not?’ she just shook her head n walked away.


      • good to hear from you again. as you see, you helped me kick off the A to Z Challenge…and now almost a month later…thanks


        • np! i shared link on my fb hope it helps bring more ppl to your awesome site!


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