April A to Z Challenge

The A to Z Challenge (The letter A)

I thought I would let you, the readers, know that you will be seeing more of my post in this upcoming month.
I am participating in a challenge for the month of April, It is called the April A to Z Challenge.
If you take Sundays off each week, the whole alphabet can be covered in the rest of the days. Then you can use the structure of the alphabet with one letter for each day. The post has to have something to do with the corresponding letter of the day.

The goal is to have a theme to pursue in order to establish some sort of direction and focus.

I am planning to write about searching for beautiful thing and the people who make them. Some are anonymous and some of the artist will be unidentified. But they will all be interesting and unusual.

Maybe even quirky.

Just the kind of thing I am always looking for. I have found some of them already and some are yet to be discovered.

So if you would like, come with me on this trip of discovery and watch each day for the month as I try the April A to Z Challenge.

PS. There is still time for you if you would like to accept the challenge for your own blog. Just go to the April A to Z Challenge and sign up …then start writing….

See ya tomorrow…



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  2. Great theme for your challenge Stephen! Thanks for dropping by my blog and good luck. I’ve always enjoyed doing these challenges and they’ve always come at a difficult/busy/intense time in my life but none the less, I persist and just do it – as I’m sure you will too!


  3. I’ll be back!


  4. looking forward to the month.


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