Before and After

Metalworking is an interesting art form. You can take something flat and solid and create something curved and alive.
To bring that to view here is a before and after photo of the flowers I am using in an upcoming show. ( more on that in the future)
So here is the before photo:

photo 7s

(no it is not copper…. just looks like it in the photo)


And here is the after:

photo 6s

No they are not done yet. The patinas need to be added and the mounting completed, but the before and after concept makes a good representation.

Let me know what you think.

Do you have a great/ amazing transformation from before to after?

Send it to me and let’s talk.

Use the form below or just email me at





  1. Love the stuff I am seeing here, I’ve been a sheetmetal guy for almost 20 years, but commercial, not artistic – I’m a little jealous?
    Good luck on the A-to-Z Challenge, I’m entered too, and I will be checking back to see your posts. I also nominated you for a Liebster Award, I hope you will do likewise for others. 🙂

    Nick Ortega


  2. These are amazing, Steve. Make sure you post a completed pic. Missed you at the base last week-end.


    • Thanks Jennifer, I missed the show…just too much going on. I def. will post at photo.


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