Chinese Farmers Want You to Buy Local

cow    I would like to talk about a movement near to my heart.  Its purpose is the protection of Chinese farmers.

The recent developments in China have resulted in an industrial boom in the large cities and coastal areas. This industrialism is causing a ripple effect through the entire country.

The people of the rural China are being forced to leave their ancestral homes, and move to the cities in order to take employment in the factories. These factories feed the economy of modern China.

The lovers of the land are forced to work long and hard in tough confined environments. They are loosing their memory of, and connection to the land of their ancestors.metal shop

Now these farmers are not excited to make this transition. No, they would rather be on their farms. They would rather be living in the homes where their families have lived for generations. But no! They are forced to live in apartments and mill village.

And more importantly, they make crap which is then sold to people in the US and Europe.

metal 2

On the farms, they take their time when creating things. They make items that will last, and have lasting beauty.

But those who own the factories want them to make things as fast and as cheep as possible. With no regard for quality.

So help me to help them.
This Christmas season, when you want to give that special one something… something special… find a local merchant or craftsman and make your purchases from them.

Let’s keep our money at home.old man

Let’s help the Chinese farmers to go home

The Chinese farmers will thank you,

and your local businesses will thank you.

Trust me when I say,

you will see the difference.

Keep your money at home.

Buy local!

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