Kinetic Sculpture

 I just found this video of a wonderful kinetic sculpture, on a blog from woodworker Chris Wong . 

It is a cityscape made with tracks for hundreds of little cars to run in.  If you jump about the 3 minute mark of the film, when they turn it on,  it is wonderful to hear the children’s reaction.

I had seen a steel ball version of this type of contraption at the children’s hospital in Chapel Hill, NC.  I think it was made by George Rhodes.  I could not fine a clip of that one but here is a much smaller one for you to see.  It does not translate to video well…much more interesting in real life. But worth checking out:

And I have to admit, I stood in the lobbby at UNC for about 30 minutes and watched the balls go up and down the tracks…

                                       well, it was me and about 10 other 7 year olds. 

                                                   I loved it …

                                                      and I am not ashamed to say so!


Steve Zawistowski



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  1. Stephen,

    Metropolis II (the cityscape kinetic sculpture) was truly mesmerizing. If not for the fact that we only had a few hours until the museum closed for the day, we could have stayed for much longer. The interesting thing is that even if you got bored of looking at the sculpture (which I did), you could watch the other observers. It may have been the happiest environment in which I’ve been – everyone was smiling and enjoying themselves.


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