Here is the latest from the studio at Stephen Z Metal Designs.

A 6 foot tall wildcat!

I had previously designed a gate for the football field at Dixon High School.  They are the Bulldogs.  So the gate was a bulldog ripping through the fence trying to get out (I’ll have a photo attached later).   It was a big hit, so when they built the new stadium at Richlands High School, I was asked to make something for them.

 They are the Wildcats.  We looked at their mascot design and at the stadium to see where and how they fit together.  The gate idea was out because it was a slider and would be out to view whenever there were fans entering the stadium.

So a new idea was hatched to alter the design and make it more vertical.  He would then be attached to one of the stadium post as if he were looking out from behind it with his huge claws reaching around.

I think drew the design on the computer,   figured out the multiple layers and their interactions,   placement and size of the threaded support rods,  spacing of the layers to best achieve the 3D look,   support structure,  and finally,  how to attach it to the I beam post. 

Steve’s CNC Plasma in action.

 Only then was I ready to take the steel to the plasma cutter.  Steve O. did a great job of getting all these big pieces onto 2 sheets of steel and cutting them to perfection.

 Then back to the studio for about 3 days of figuring out the details, cutting spacers and welding parts, before it could be sent to the powder coater.


Bret at Area 51 Powder Coating listened patiently to the explanation of the layout and how the parts come together.  He then tried to understand my ideas for the coloring.  I left him looking a little confused, but I seem to do that to a lot of people.  (The ideas in my head do not always come out my mouth in a language others can understand.

Brett did a fantastic job with the colors and finish.  I was very excited to take the parts to the school and complete the instillation.

 Here is a photo of the final result for those of you who cannot get to the game.

And here is me next to it so you can reference the size.


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  1. That is so great. I just love it!!!


  2. Such talent, that adds to school spirit, for sure. Great job, Steven!


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