Another Homemade Tool


I am always trying to create tools that make my job easier. 

I do a lot of welding of threaded rods to the back of the metal layers of my military pieces. Well to get those threaded rod pieces I have to cut them from larger pieces.

I was cutting them by holding the rod in the band saw and cutting the lengths as I needed.  That makes for a lot of pieces all over the floor and some mean cuts on the hand and fingers. 

So I decided to “make a tool” to make it easier.  I quickly found, making the tool was not going to be a easy as I thought.   I made several attempts at something I could clamp in the saw and hold the rods for me…nothing worked right.

Then I came on the idea of a small space to hold the rod still and a shoot to catch it the pieces as they were cut.  It seemed to work OK but it was not perfect. 

One day I showed it to Ross, a friend and fellow designer, he simply said “you have it backwards”. And he was right.  I redesigned it to work from the other side and it has worked wonderfully for the longest time, and I hope for a long time more.

Here is the tool as designed:


here is the tool in the grips of the bank saw

Feel free to make one yourself…if you change it, and it works great, send me a photo.  I am always looking for a good tool.


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  1. hey

    you could modify the catch bin so you can connect a qt bucket to it and be able to move and store the cut offs easier


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