Gun Boxes

I have spent the past 6 weeks working on a set of metal boxes.  Not just any metal boxes… gun security boxes. 

Yea, I was contacted to design and make a number of metal boxes for a SWAT team to secure their weapons and equipment in the vehicles.  The boxes available from other companies were made of wood and had moving parts which could be broken easily, and they wanted something that would last.

So we thought, how do we make these better?  How about …no moving parts and made  of metal. 

We were off measuring the backs of vehicles and trying to design the units to work as efficiently and productively as we could. 

The design was finely approved and construction started with a 60 day delivery window.


The parts filled 1/2 of the shop.


The sheet metal was sheered and bent to the correct size.  What a stack of metal it turned out to be.     

Angle iron was cut and notched on each end so they could be welded into the rectangular frames I needed one for the front and the back. 

Cut, notched, welded, and ground smooth!


The punch made this alot easier.

The metal was punched on the edges to make holes for the puddle weld to hold the metal to the frames.   

After construction of the basic box, we then went back and built a frame for the door …only one for each box this time.  

The back was then filled with expanded metal to allow the material to breath. 

back side


The hinge was welded onto the door and then matched up to the frame and welded into place. 

Locking tabs were cut, punched, ground smooth, and welded into place on the boxes and doors.

Inserts were welded into the door frame and the bottom of the boxes to finish out the box wall construction.

 We then added braided steel cable to the doors for support when they are open.

 The boxes were off to the powder coaters at Area 51 Powder Coating for a black pebble grain finish.

Some contact cement and trunk liner installation and they were ready to go.


The end result turned out great and the team leader was very happy to have them for the members.

 And in the end, that is what it is all about.




1 Comment

  1. nice work captain
    it looks like the shop has a few more tools
    best of luck to you
    mike welch


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