A New Friend






As some of you know I make a collection of little metal dogs called Rusty and the Crew.

 With the latest addition of Romeo, there are now five of them.


And here is Romeo



It all started with Rusty’s ancestors about 10 years ago.  I had some crazy idea  to design a dog from a single sheet of steel with a single  fold down his back.   The idea took off and I made several tries at the design…some good …some not so good. 

 The first ones even required me to weld the head together … bad idea. 

 As time went by I came up with different structures, ways to make the ears stand up, facial expressions… you get the picture. (Most of these early ancestors live in my back yard.)

Well I finally got to the design I like and the first four members of Rusty and the Crew were launched.  




The response has been pretty good.  Christmas was fun for a lot of people who were able to tell other parents “I got a dog for your kid “.  The fun came in watching their crazy, how could you do this to me, reaction.  But then they realize, Rusty is “the perfect pet”.   No feeding.  No cleanup.  No shots.  You know what I mean.

 Well anyway, check them out at www.rustyandthecrew.com  and see

for yourself. 


Don’t miss the video telling The Crew story.








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