Keeping Warm: A Fire Pit Story

I am in the midst of a 6 weeks project making 21 gun security boxes for a SWAT team.  And as always, I welcome a diversion to make something fun and different.

The diversion project this time was a fire pit for my brother and sister in law. 

They were coming down for a wedding and could drive it back with them in their trunk.  So I needed to get it done before the got here…and I had waited until there were just 2 days remained.  The design was approved and the clock was ticking down.

 A sheet of 14 ga steel was plasma cut and dished into the base.  We thought the bending of the 14 gage steel was going to be easy… but NOOO.

It was incredibly hard to make the sides meet.  It took the 2 of us standing on the cone to make it taper and pull together. You could have filmed a crazy scene for a Laurel and Hardy movie of us trying to make it happen.  But it finally came together and worked nice.


 Then I rolled a piece of 1/8 inch steel into a circle on the manual roller.  Yes, they make mechanized versions of this tool, but the antique one I acquired had only a manual rank and the man who cranked it was me!  Good workout for me… tough work for the roller.  I don’t think it was designed for that heavy of a job (I know I was not).






 I then welded the sides to the base. 









Rolling the top ring required another manual roller and again I was the man in manual (do you see a pattern here?).  This one has a bigger handle and the material was a lot smaller…so it was a piece of cake compared to the last piece.








I added the standoffs for the top ring.  The standoffs were bent on the DiArco bender and welded in place on the ring. 











The top ring was welded in place.


 As you can see, I love to use vise grips     when welding …it gives me many more hands than I have now.




Simple square stock legs were again manually bent on the vise and then welded in place.




It was painted with fire proof paint and sent to the great white north…(OK it was central New York). There it will provide back deck comfort and entertainment for those brave souls who like to play with fire, (AKA my brother). 








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  1. This way too cool. I am totally impressed! Sylvia Lauten


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