Iron Pour

Yes iron can be poured.  You have to spend a couple of days getting ready for it.

And you have to have the help of about 15 people. 

And about a ton of scrap cast iron radiators, sinks and other stuff to make it happen.

                  But when it happens… it is amazing!

I had the opportunity to meet a group of great guys and gals this past weekend in the small town of Moncure, NC. 

Moncure is the home of the Moncure Museum of Art, which is run by artist and sculptor, Kevin Eichner.   Kevin has been building and operating iron forges all over the country for a number of years.  So it is needless to say,  he knows what he is doing.

I found them on the internet several weeks ago and asked if I could come over and provide slave labor for the

Drew, hard at work.

iron pour.  Having seen one iron pour in the past I knew there was lots of work to be done and that was probably the best way to be involved.



Kevin and the rest of the “know what their doing” crew were great about inviting me to be part of the operation and made me feel very welcome.

On Saturday, after a full day of work, the forge was started.  In about two hours the cast iron and coke (refined coal) was added.  The iron started to flow in about another hour, as the sun went down. 


An experienced crew of former ECU artist and artist from Liberty Arts in Durham assisted in the technical part of pouring molds and moving the new ones into place. After a night of sparks flying and bright yellow metal flowing the molds were all filled by about 11pm.  As they cooled and were cracked open by each individual artist the artwork was born from the sand of the molds.

Some beautiful work was cast that night.  Some of it can be seen May 18th at Liberty Arts in a special show entitled  “The Iron Show,” at their new location in the Golden Belt district, at Cordoba Center for the Arts, #923 Franklin Street in Durham.




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