Fly Trap?

I have been thinking of making a metal sculpture of a Venus Fly Trap to use in a table base.  

                                      The plant is only native to an area about 50 miles around Wilmington, NC.                        

And that is where I live.

                                                …so I thought it was a cool project. 

I then did some research via the web, in order to be accurate with the look before I started the design. I came up with this.

                                                                                                                For those of you who haven’t seen one, here is what the books say it looks like. 

yes, it does eat flys.

I made some drawings of my own version and I was off to the studio for some time with the plasma cutter. 

Here are the first tries at making the leaves and traps.    

16 gage steel puts the "trap" in fly trap.

I am thinking of making a series of tables with different plant designs.  It was started with the Orchid Bowl Stand I made several months ago.  The Fly Trap would be an interesting addition to the collection. 

If I can get it to look like it is alive.  

My wife doesn’t seem to think the fly trap is a good one to use in the series.  She thinks it may be a little too weird.   

I think it could work. 

Time will tell….check back in a month or two…




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