Small Bench with A Big Job

Here is a design I worked on as an addition to our sunroom at home.  With the addition of the Wood Fired Pizza Oven, (and the people who came to play with it) we needed more sitting room at home.

So I decided to design a bench using the oak slabs I had been curing at the studio.  I wanted to have a tree branch theme in the leg design so I started working with different pipes and solid bars.  Cutting and opening the pieces, and then welding them back together.


Here it is in the studio, about half finished.


The seat was made from oak planed to one and one half inches and finished with polyurethane. 

The design finally came together when I added one small branch and a dogwood blossom. 


And here it is, ready for work!


It is in the sunroom now, happily supporting pizza eating guest.





1 Comment

  1. Beautiful! I more than LIKE. The dogwood branch clinched it for me. It’s like the book THE GIVING TREE. I’m sure it will be a favorite sitting bench!


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