Studio Photo

I often get asked about my studio. Where is it?  What it looks like?

Well I was making some photos for a future magazine article and decided

                                   I would take one to help answer the question.  

OK, not really. 

I had set up the time delay shutter, run up the “high altitude” tripod. 

Then when I checked the photos…

I had missed the subject I was trying to photograph. 

                     But what I did get was a great photo to show a part of the studio.

So here it is.  This is where the magic happens…




  1. Thank you for sharing your work space with us. I would love to have a metal shop like that someday.


  2. Looks a little like organized chaos to me. I really need to get over there and see for myself. Maybe next week.


  3. Cool to see where all the creativity happens 🙂


  4. This is a great picture. Ashamed I haven’t had the tour.


  5. Awesome shot even though you are not in it.


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