Making a Cedar Bowl

I have been working on a bowl carved from a piece of Cedar wood. 


                                                             I noted the dark red heartwood was an interesting contrast to the light colored sap wood.  That could make an exciting contrast if I could use the carving to bring it out. 


     I used a chain saw blade on the angle grinder to do all the major cutting and shaping.  Then, I moved on to the orbital sander to smooth out the inside. 

  The inside is to be glass smooth so I decided the outside should be rough. 

                                                                                                                                                                                              I took a wire brush to remove the bark, and followed it up with a session in the sand blaster. 







A coat of Danish oil on the rough outside and the smooth inside made for a nice finish.

What will I do with it?   I don’t know… maybe just enjoy the fact that I made it myself.

Sometimes that is what it is all about.



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