A “Whatever You Think’ Project

We have a good friend who had purchased the most interesting bowl.  She watched it being hand made of blown glass and wanted a stand to display it into an accent piece for her home. 

As we talked about the design I heard the great phrase “whatever you think”.  I love those words.  It allows me to get creative with a project and move in new directions.  It also adds some stress, because I have to make it fit in the location and still be unique.

So I was off on the run to figure out the design.  Their style dictated that it had to be interesting and have a flair which would make it stand out (and still fit in) in a very artistic home. 

I was asked several times how the design was going to look….and each time I said “I am working on it”.  In reality, I had no idea.  There was a thought in my mind that could not visualize …so I waited.

I finally imagined grass, and spikes, and roots, bright plant colors….

Yea, my wife thought the same thing you are thinking right now.  “That sounds crazy.”

 But the idea was there and I started building.  As I went along I had plans for much more… but as always, it got better as I took away… not add to. 

 I finished with a realistic Orchid plant attaching itself to the side of the stand.

                  The glass piece is simple in design…the base is complex.

                   The base is monochromatic…the glass is colorful.

 I think it worked out pretty well.

These great photos were made by Melissa and Company Photography.



  1. Steve you are truly talented. I knew you were smart. Hope your business does well.


  2. Love your creativity! You always come up with a beautiful and unique design. Those two pieces were meant for each other…Italian-American.


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