The Process Part III

Well,  all the designing was done.

 All the fabricating was done.

 Now the finish line is in sight.

 I cleaned the metal with a file and touched it all.  That is simply touching each surface on the piece to see if there is any slag or rough spots anywhere.  Because if there is you know a kid will find it and snag his hand on it.  So prevention is the best course of action.

 Then it is off to the powder coater for finishing.

 The powder coater first takes the pieces into a blasting room and sandblast them to make the surface smooth, take off any mill scale, paint, oil or what ever is on the surface.

He then takes it to the paint room and attached an electrical currant to it to make the powder paint ( that is where the name powder coating comes from) stick to all the angles and sides. 

 The whole thing is then rolled into the oven.

 By oven I mean an 8 foot tall 20 feet long oven that gets to 400 degrees and holds it there until the powder milts and runs over the whole surface.  After it’s done it is taken out to cool and it is ready to install.  It is a great finish and the prep work makes for a perfect finish.

 I then took the doors, hinges and assorted hardware to the house and started the installation.  Everything went well and the client was very satisfied. 

 Here is a  photo.



She said that everyone is talking about her door and it has even gotten compliments from the pizza delivery guy….

And hay,  what more is there?

A happy client… and a happy pizza delivery guy.

Now, on to other projects… keep watching.



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