Rusty and the Crew

I thought I would give you a preview of a project I am working on right now.

It is a group of pet dogs. Yes I am making dogs,  no not by some scientific cloning process.  I am making them of metal. 

 They are the perfect pets! 

They don’t poo in the yard (or the house).  You don’t have to feed them.  As a matter of fact their food bowls do not even have bottoms in them. 

 They are already trained to do tricks.  They have all mastered tricks like …Stay….Sit ….and things like that.   It is truly amazing to watch them do their tricks.

 Well, let me introduce them to you:


            Rusty: Rusty may be the world’s best pet.  He is already trained better than any other pet.  He is great to have around and often he turns out to be the life of the party.  Rusty is a pretty laid back guy who is just out to see what he can see, and usually ends in the middle of things.  He is out there just looking around and manages to be in the right place at the right time





Roxie:  Roxie is the girl in Rusty’s life.  She is not “his girlfriend” or any other possessive name such as that… she is too independent for that.  She is out on her own checking on things and running with her girls.  She shows up on Rusty’s Twitter account on a regular basis.


            Oscar:  He is a little shorter than the rest of the guys, but that doesn’t keep him from having fun.  Oscar can dazzle all your friends with his ability to do tricks and have a great time. 


     Puppy:  He is kind of a goofy pup with ears that are too big and feet that he cannot control.  He still has the best behavior of any dog and will be the best friend you have ever had around your house.

There are more to come as I think them up…

but for now this is The Crew.


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