The Process …Part Two

the plan

Last time I started talking about the process I go through while create a piece of work.  

I had worked my way through the design phase and part of the construction phase.

That was the fun part… now I am down to the small detail work phase of the project.

 As you remember, I am making a set of decorative doors for a client.  They will look like a large flower blossom outside her doorway. I have designed, laid out, cut, welded, and built the hinges.  Now I am on to the clean up time.

 The welds were pretty good… looks wise, but I wanted them to be a little nicer, being that it is  her front door.  So out comes a tool called an angle grinder.  (as you have probably figured out it is a grinder, turned at an 90 degree angle)  It is used to grind metal and make a nicer finish. 

I went over the joints and smoothed all of them,  one by one!   But that is what it takes to make something special.  As much as I complain about doing grinding I think it really makes a difference and I always devote time to doing it on each piece. 

The joints turned out well and I was glad I spent the hours making it better.

that's not blood at the top... just sweat



After the grinding is done I then turned my time to the latch.  The client wanted a simple hook and latch type mechanism.  So I drilled a hole through the handle area, inserted a section of round tubing and welded it in place.   The tubing matched the shaft of the handle I had made and would hold it in place.  The latching bar was added to the inside and it was ready to hook into the slot on the left door.  All that sounded very short but in real time it took several hours to make, install, and fine tune.




I then did something I call “touching it”.  I go over each piece and touch each every part of it.  I want to know when my client comes in contact with any part on my work they will be happy and not feel anything rough or sharp.  As I am rubbing each section I use a fine file to remove any burrs of welding spatter.  Its is time consuming but it is well worth it.  

Now I am off to install them in the door frame.  Installation is always a challenge because the door frames are not ever square and the adjustments are always tricky.

Stay tuned for more….


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