What is a Triple Seven?

I met a client, at my last craft show, who asked me why I didn’t have any military items for the artillery units.  Well I thought that was a good question. 

 I have always thought the cannon was not a good design for my type of artwork. I just could not determine how to make the layers work out. So I started looking at cannons again, when I was approached by a client interested in a design of a cannon called a triple seven.

 The 777 is the latest Howitzer design and is used by Marine Corps.  The client’s husband was being promoted and she was looking for something unique for him. Well I thought I would give it a try and come up with a design of the 777. 

 The hard part was that there did not seem to be a lot of drawings of the cannon and I had to work from field photos.  Now field photos are normally fine to use, but this cannon can be set up in a number of ways and each part can be adjusted and look differently in different situations. 

 So all the photos I found were different and I had to determine what was the “regular” setup.  Well with a little help I was able to come up with a plan.  I went generic and stayed with the one I saw the most. 

 Then, on to the design.  There are definite things that dominate the look and therefore the design of the piece.  On the 777 it is the carriage and housing structure of the barrel. After I figured that out and had it drawn the rest just flowed along.  I adjusted the angle of the barrels a couple of times then added the USMC and the ribbon to help make the structure stronger and connect the pieces. 

 After hours determining how to hold it together and getting the drawings right, off it went to the laser cutter.  The design came out great if I must say so and I was very pleased with the overall effect of the crossed guns. I painted and welded for awhile and then stacked and bolted it all together.

 I took it to the client for her reaction, and was thrilled to see how much she loved it.  And I have to say… that’s what it’s all about!  I packed it up for shipping and we sent it on.  I think her husband will be proud to have it in his office.

 And she will be smiling when she when she sees it too.


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