The EGA Went BIG!

Last weekend was the “Burn Your Own Steak” cookout for the Semper Fi Fund. 

The SFF is an organization I have bloged about before because I believe in what they are doing and want to be a part of that work.  They provide needed care and support to wounded Marines as they reenter the world and try to adjust to the restrictions caused by their injuries.

I have a great friend who has tirelessly championed their cause and allowed me participate by providing a piece of my artwork for the silent auction during the event.  

This year was no exception. 

When I was contacted, I readily jumped to the request and sent a Eagle Globe and Anchor sculpture. 

For those of you not from Jacksonville, the EGA (as it is called in the Marine Corps) is the symbol of the United States Marine Corps.  It has been all over the globe defending the rights of the oppressed, downtrodden and needy for over 200 years. 

As they say, “when the country dials 911 the Marines answer the phone”. 

I was not able to attend the steak bur this year, but was honored to send a retired Marine friend in my place. 

I received a text message at about 10pm asking if I was ready for some good news. 

My EGA had been auctioned for $1250. That was a lot of money donated for the wounded Marines from something which could have been purchased for less on any other day. 

I don’t know who bought it… but I would like to ask him or her to please accept my thanks for the donation to the Semper Fi Fund. I hope you enjoy the artwork and I hope it reminds you of our Marines who have given so much.

If you are interested in learning more go to     to donate ….

or just to thank a Marine for their service.  

 Oh and one more thing… Semper Fi  is the Marine Corp’s motto and means “Always Faithful”



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