What’s happening in the studio?

I just finished a project for a local builder and friend.  He has recently opened a new office and needed a sign.  They wanted signage inside and out, I wanted to make something interesting and artistic…. We got together. 

We looked at his logo and talked about what they wanted the signs to say.  There was a need for wording, to convey their information, and a need for a logo to brand their business. There is the tough part…

Their logo is a lighthouse with sand dunes. 

Have you noticed? Lighthouses are big…and tall. 

That presented a unique challenge to the design because keeping it in balance was important. Making it fit on the wall was important.  And to me, making something cool was important.

 The final design was to place the wording on an oval and have the light house standing next to it.  The oval would give a good counterweight for the tall light house.

 I decided to cut the lighthouse and the wording from multiple layers of steel.  These pieces would then be stacked over giving depth in the design.  This sign was to be on an inside wall and would be seen up close, so the interesting aspect of the layers would attract additional attention. 

After I drew it on the computer, the design was cut with a CNC laser. 

I attached threaded rods to hold the spacers and connect the parts.  It was then painted and mounted on the wall with lag bolts. I think everyone was pleased.

The outside sign was a different animal.  It would not be seen by anyone up close.  And it had to be visible from a distance. So having layers (like the inside sign) would not be as important or even noticeable.

I photographed the building and then drew the correct size sign on the photo.  To determine the actual size, I compared that sign on the photo to an object on the ground. I then went out and actually measured that object.

This logo and wording of the sign was to be made by a vinyl sign cutter and then applied to the metal sign after it had been powder coated.   I then took some time blacksmithing an interesting bracket to hold it up, and we were ready to go.

And the great thing is, they are a construction company and can install the sign themselves.

 Check them out and let me know what you think of the designs.

PS    I am currently making the logo sign for the renovated young people’s building at out church.  I’ll include it soon for you to see.

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