Cutting Steel

 I spend a lot of time cutting metal in the studio.  Is seems everything needs to be cut in some way or another.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have a good saw to cut the metal.  But I still have to do it. 

You clamp a piece of metal into the saw and turn it on.  It cuts and cuts and cuts until it is through and then the saw turns itself off. Yes, that is correct, you don’t even have to turn it off. 

So why is it a pain?  I don’t know.  What is the big deal?

Well, when you cut pickets for a fence or handrails, there are a number that need to be cut. And then some have to be fit into their spaces and adjusted by re-cutting. 

Again, it’s not a big deal.  I love making this stuff, I just don’t like repetitive cutting. 

The handrails are turning out nice, and I know the client will love them.  Simple but elegant. 

So I will keep standing there and watching the saw work. 

And you have to admit, it sure is better than using a hack saw!

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