Custom Shish Kabob Grill

I had some free time today and thought I would make something interesting.

We enjoy entertaining in our home.  It is always fun to have something everyone can cook themselves.  It makes for interesting conversation and it gives everyone something to do while the food is cooking. 

With that in mind, I decided to make a custom shish kabob grill. 

It’s not a real complicated apparatus (unlike some of my designs).  The grill is made to hold charcoal and is just the right width to hold the kabob sticks over the coals while they cook. 

I designed the grill on the computer… and then entered it into a CNC program.  That file was loaded into the CNC plasma cutter computer and the whole thing was cut from a sheet of 14 ga steel.

The center piece was bent to form the bottom and sides, and the tabs were bent up to hold the metal grate.

After a little clean up, I welded a support into the bottom of the centerpiece for strength (probably overkill again but not a big deal if it is).

Then I attached the sides to the center and moved on to making the handles.

 I had some Oak in the shop, so I put it on the lathe and turned two handles for the ends.  They have some small detail carving but it was not a lot of work to make them look good.  A coat of polyurethane, and they were ready to go.

I cut a piece of expanded metal for the bottom and painted the whole thing with black heat paint.

The Kabob sticks are 12 inches long and the grill is 8 inches wide… so I think I can hold about 20 sticks at one time!  It should be fun!  

I cannot wait for the first trial run…. I’ll include a photo.


  1. Idea , make one with adjustable legs and
    a lid where skewer can be turned while
    covered ! I’d defiantly buy !


  2. Awesome design, should make one with some
    adjustable legs , the legs should be connected
    for stability ! I’d buy that , maybe 2 !


  3. Do you sell this custom shish kabob grill?


    • send me an email and we can talk about it. in other words…yes I do.

      be glad to make you one. they work great and are a breeze to get going and use.

      you will enjoy it!



  4. Wow! Very nice design, i would buy one if it was for sale haha
    Nice job!


    • Nick,
      Send me an email and we can talk about it. Steve


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