Cold Again

 Here it is in the middle of January and it is cold! 

We have had a cold winter and that means working in the cold studio.  I have a heater and everything but I have a 16 foot high ceiling and the idea of the whole place getting toasty warm is just not a real concept.

I usually bundle up and work with the heater on. Don’t think I will make it to the studio much this week.  Just seems too cold to get anything done in a comfortable manor.

I kind of wish for the days when you stood around a 55 gallon drum with a fire in it and sang 4 part harmony.  OK I never did that… but it looked warm and fun.

But in spite of the cold, there are times when I just need to get to the studio and make something.  I don’t know where that feeling comes from but I often notice it after I have been gone for a while.  I return home with the real need to get out and create something. 

After a day working, the burn cools somewhat and I am able to go about my normal activities. 

But I love the fact that I want to do something creative each and every day.

Life is good and creating things is part of life.

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