Carved Stone on the Pizza Oven

People have been asking what I ment by carving the concrete support for the oven front.  So here is a photo of the lentle piece. 

wooden form on blocks to make it easier to work on

How is it done you ask?  Well all you have to do is:

1) build a form in the size you need

2) add a piece of 3 inch angle iron to the back inside of the form.  My form was 8″ square and I think the steel was a bit of overkill but it was scrap in the shop so why not.

3) fill it with bags of sand mix/ topping mix from the hardware store.  that way there are no big rocks in the mix to mess up the design.

4) let it sit for 4 hours….yes it will be getting harder but at about 4 hours it is like clay.

it helps to have a drawing of the finished design

5) start carving the heck out of it.

6) as it gets harder you can refine the design and then leave it to harden for a couple of days. 

and here is the final product

If you are like me and made a big piece you will need to get a bunch of Israelite slaves to help move it, but it can be done.

you can make all kinds of things with this process

so go have fun.


PS     if you would like to follow the oven build,  go to

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