The Wood Fired Oven

December 2010

It is about 19 degrees here today and the idea of going into the studio does not seem to be exciting to me.  I do have a heater in the studio…. But it has to be turned on and allowed to heat up. 

So I thought I would share some photos of my new project, this one at home. 

I am building a wood fired pizza oven in the back yard.  It is designed on ones found in Pompeii,  yes the 2000 year old ones!  I figured if they have worked for 2000 years they probably will work for me too. 

My last one was a lot of fun to make but had some design flaws which made it a neat fire pit but not a great oven. (Here is a before photo)   

looks cool/ cooks poorly


It has been removed a new one is going in its place.    (The old one was partially buried in the yard to allow it to look like part of an archeological find.)

I started digging out the foundation and removing part of the flowerbed to make room for the larger oven.  I talked some friends into helping me wheelbarrow, pour, and finish the concrete.  It didn’t cost me any money…  but I think there is some serious return labor in the deal. 

As always, I cannot just do something the regular way, I troweled leaves into the surface to decorate it in an interesting way.  This turned out great and I am glad I took the chance. Here is a photo.

I then decided to do some carving in the front of the base.  I drew the design on paper then transfered it to the wet cement and did the carving as it dried.  Turned out great and will be a nice addition to the oven.

After it cured I stacked the block for the base and was ready to fill the voids with cement…. Only to be hit by the same cold that stopped me from working in the studio.

Well, I am not the most patient guy so I have been making pizza tools while I am waiting for the cement to dry.  And buying/ moving/ stacking firewood.  Little things like that, just to keep the feeling of the project going.  (yes, I do have a firewood stack and tools and no  place to use them…that’s just me)

Well it should be getting warmer this weekend and I will be back at it again soon, in both the studio and the wood fired pizza oven (or as us pizza cookers call it, a WFO).  So more photos of the pizza oven coming, and of course photos of the interesting things I am doing at the studio.

 Stay tuned, keep breathing in, and in no time you will notice the pizza aroma!


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