Another handrail?


I make a lot of handrails for a number of different reasons.

 Some were for people who were getting older and needed the help. 

 Others were for people who had been injured and needed help. 

 Some wanted the aesthetic value of an interesting handmade piece of ironwork.  (I really like those people!)

My wife told me I needed a handrail for our home, to help my mother up and down the steps.  She is 85 years old and does great, but a little help is always nice. As the old saying goes, the cobbler’s children are the ones without shoes.  And, like the cobbler, My own home did not have a handrail.

If you know me, or have seen my work,  you know I didn’t like the idea of putting a regular handrail on the steps.  I tried to come up, instead, with something interesting.  I like the gingko leaves I have seen in craftsman style furniture and decided to use them as an accent for the handrail.  

I have always thought, in most cases, less is better.  So I took out most of the rail and left just the necessities.  It is very strong and my Mom loves it….i guess that makes it right.

 So check out the handrail, both in progress and the finished product, and let me know if you agree wit my Mom. (she is a little partial)  


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  1. That is really beautiful leaf work Stephen! Good job taking care of your mom too.


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