A new Drill Press


Oct.  2010

 I have just purchased a new drill press.  

Now to most of you that is not a big deal.  But to me it was great excitement. 

I have used an old import model for the longest time….well for all the time I have been in business.  Steve O. and I replaced the motor and made some other updates to it to try and make it work better. 

Well step back because the new one has an adjustable speed dial, allowing me to change the speed while it is running instead of having to stop and move belts and hope I don’t catch my fingers in the pulleys (again).  It drills great and was a deal to purchase.  Sometimes the little things make the biggest difference. 

it may be old, but it still works great!

Then I managed to get my hands on a hydraulic plate and rod shear.  A good friend (again, it was Steve) told me about someone getting rid of several tools.  He was going that way, and would even go and pick it up and deliver it to me. 

What more could I say?  Hydraulic power!  And, home made, makes it even better.   Well I got it today and played with it cutting some ¼ in plate and angle. 

Now to some of you this may not be a big deal….but to others, it is exciting. 

 There is no safe steel anymore!

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