Now There is Stone in the Metal Shop

Life has been very busy around here lately.  A lot of work but not much creating.  I have been doing installation work on an old project, which was mostly labor. 

Except for one new cool thing. 

I got to design a table top for one of my wine tables.  Now that may sound like I don’t have a design for a table I have made a number of times….not so.  Most of the time the table top is a piece of slate. 

But this time I was asked to have an inscription on it to celebrate the wedding of a friend. 

I have to admit, I was stumped as to how to make the inscription in a piece of stone.  Then I decided to use the sandblaster and blast into the stone.  I went to my favorite sign printers and had them cut a rubber resist (that is what they call the rubber sheet that “resist” the sand from the sandblaster and mask off the areas to be protected).  I drew the design and lettering on the computer and added some “do das” to make it fancy.  Then the guys at Vital Signs cut it out for me with their machine. 

engraved stone tabletop

Now the amazing part. (at least it was amazing to me).  I took the resist and stuck it to the slate stone and placed it in my sandblaster cabinet.  The sandblaster blows sand onto the surface and it eats away at the exposed stone.  The rubber is not even affected by the sand and the stone is eaten away (see, amazing isn’t it). 

Well the fun  part comes when I took the resist off and saw the design ground into the stone about 3/16 of an inch!  Now, I realize that most stone engraving is done this way now a days but it is still interesting to me.  

I plan to be doing some more of this kind of thing. 

Who knows, I may need to get a bigger blasting cabinet.

four bottles of wine and a stone top

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