Driving to the Studio

 Early May 2010

The studio I work in is located 13 miles from my house. 

Now to those of you in NYC or Boston, that is nothing of a commute.  But those of you who work in a shop in the back yard it is unbelievable.  Well, I am somewhere in the middle. 

I leased the space from a guy who has turned into a great supporter and friend.  He has space he needed to rent and I needed to find a place to expand.  My studio is out in the country.  I just love working in the environment and have made friends of all the neighbors.  Most are mechanics working on heavy machinery.  They come over and look at what I am making, and I am amazed at the things they are making or repairing. It is a fun give and take with those new friends.

 When I first started thinking about the drive I was concerned that the distance was too far and the ability to “run out there and work on an idea” would not exist.  Well now I know it doesn’t exist.  But that is a good thing.  I have a purpose when I go to the studio.  And the drive sets me up to be in the mindset of being creative.

 The travel is easy and on mostly open roads. That is, after I get past the Wal-Mart shopping center.  I have found that I can think and plan and dream. I clear my mind of the other things I am carrying with me mentally and start think of the work I want to do when I arrive at the studio.  That time helps clear my mind and sets a feeling of anticipation for the day.

So unless the gas prices go through the roof, I will be excited about the time it takes me to get to the studio and start my day. 

All you back yard studio people watch out,  us commuters are having a great time just getting to our shops….in spite of the distance.

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