I Repainted The Red Door

I repainted the red door last week. 

 Now, why that is a big deal is still confusing to me.

The first thing I did to my studio when I moved in was to paint the door bright red. 

My landlord, (now a good friend) was interested that I had painted the door.  I am not sure he understood why I picked red; I am not sure why I picked red.  But red it is.

Yep. The first thing I altered was the door.  Not the walls of the shop, not the lighting, not the spiders that had decided to make a home in all the corners, it was going to be the door.

The rest of the building was just gray block with large shop doors.  I did later repaint the rest of the building. But first the door, and did I say, it was red. 

I think it has something to do with the entrance to the place where I make art, the place where my creativity is allowed to run rampant.  And some times you just need to make a statement.  And the door was just such a move. 

Everyone who comes by comments on that door. 

People give directions to the studio, with the door as the last description. 

Well I repainted it last week. 

I still have about half a gallon of the paint left…

That door will be red for a long time.

If you want to see, come on over….

you can’t miss it,

 just look for the red door.


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