Semper Fi Wounded Warrior Fundraiser


I recently had the privilege to attend a fundraiser for the Simper Fi Wounded Warrior’s Fund in Jacksonville, North Carolina. 

 This organization is dedicated to raising money for the families of Marines, Sailors, Solders and Airmen who have been injured and need care.  They provide assistance to the families of these men and women so they can visit their loved ones while they are in rehab hospitals far away from home.  The fund also provided equipment and supplies for needs in the way of living assistance devises and even alterations to their homes so they will be more accessible. 

 I was able to assist with a donation of a piece of artwork for the silent auction. My relief sculpture of the Marine Corps Eagle Globe and Anchor was auctioned off in the auction, and the injured warriors received all the proceeds.

 It was great to be able to think I may have helped a young wife be with her injured husband while he is working to put his life back together after a devastating injury.  An injury received in defense of my freedom.

Please consider going to their website at and seeing the wonderful ways they are changing the lives of these young people. 

And if you feel led to say thank you, this organization would be a wonderful way to let your feelings be known.


  1. hello my name is alberto i had a brother who past away n i would like to put ur design on his grave. how was it made?


    • Alberto,
      First I would like to say thank you to your brother for the sacrifice he made, for my families freedom, as a member of the USMC.
      These Eagle Globe and Anchors are made of steel and bolted together with threaded rods. But they are about 24 inches tall. I don’t know if that would work for you on a grave. I could design something smaller which would work better in an outdoor environment. (made of stainless steel). Send me your email and I will show you some ideas. Simper Fi. Steve


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