The Art of a Knife Grinder

Upright grinder with the help of little men holding up the stand.


In an earlier post I mentioned how I liked to add creative elements to my tools in order to give them life and interest.   Well I thought I would show some photos of tools I had made which illustrated the point.

This is a belt grinder for knife making.  Traditionally, most knife grinders are table top devises which act horizontally. 

 Not mine!

 I thought it would be cool to have one which worked upright and would be used while standing up.  So the design was altered and stretched to the current shape. 

 When it came time to add the support gussets I decided to do something different.  Instead of cutting out triangles or straight bars why not make silhouettes of men holding up the pieces and supporting the structure?  They would be more interesting and fun to look at as well. 

I drew the designs on the computer and a good friend (and mentor) of mine cut my designs on his CNC plasma cutter.

A new tool style was born.  A style not restricted to strict functionality, but one which can make work fun. I have since used these guys on a number of tools and other applications.

 I have more… I’ll have to show them at some other time.

Here is my metal stand for use with the bandsaw.

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  1. That is great stuff. I like when tools have style.


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