Making a Power Hammer


I am in the process of making a power hammer.  For those of you who don’t know, a power hammer in a tool made to do the hard work of forging hot steel instead of doing it by hand.  The hammer will have a head of about 50 lbs instead of the 2 to 3 lbs for a hand held hammer.  Plus the power hammer will hit 2 to 3 times per second. 

Thus the name…. 

 Well making it is not a complicated as I thought it just has a number of things that need to be done correctly, so that the thing will work.

 I guess that means it is complicated…  anyway

 I have some designs and photos of other powder hammers which I am trying to follow, but as always I want the thing to be unique. I always want to make something which is a joy to use and a joy to see. 

 That is what it takes to build something that is interesting. 

 I always like to make my tools interesting and have some artistic quality to them.  So I am thinking of ways to make the connections and other accessories shaped into something.  I just cannot figure it out. 

 So for now it lays on the floor of my studio, un-welded and unfinished …. (Just in case I have done something wrong).  I look at it every day and try to think of what I may have done that could mess up the whole thing.  A good friend of mine is coming over to look at tomorrow.  Two heads are better than one, plus he is the champion tool maker and will give me some needed advice for sure. 

 More when the project is further along.


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