Can a Bike be Art?

While I was sitting in a deli on 44th street in NYC I looked out the window and saw something I thought was art.

Now, many of you may not agree, but I think a machine can be art.

And I found a cool one.

Outside that window was a bike modified to be a motorcycle!

Someone had added a small motor to the frame. It all looked great, and was fun to see someone breaking out of the mold.

bike 1

And I think that he has even added an air horn!  look at the can under the gas tank… it has a tube running up to what looks like a horn on the handlebar…fun times!

bike 2

For those of you who think this is eye candy….your welcome!

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Alpaca Art

A good friend of mine has an alpaca farm!

Yes, an alpaca farm.

He has been raising them for several years and has a number of award winning animals. It is a fun place to visit.

When he asked me to create something to decorate the front porch of the farm, I jumped at the chance.

He wanted to add a small herd of alpacas being watched over by the “guard llama”. Yes, the llamas guard the alpacas… like watchdogs.

IMG_1185s (2)

I found photos of the animals on line and drew silhouettes of the different animals. The plan was to attach the silhouettes to the railing on the front porch.

And the porch was about 30 feet long.

So we needed a good size herd.

I showed the drawings to Gary (the alpaca rancher) and he pointed out I had several llamas in the group….

I thought they were all the same….nope.

IMG_1309 (2)

We cut them from steel with a plasma cutter and mounted them on the porch. The effect was a lot of fun. The llama watches over the littler alpacas from one end and the barn cat is on top of the rail, watching the other.

IMG_1313 (2)

But a fun thing happened when we mounted one of the groups.

From the front the look like we planned them. But from the back, they seem to be peeping out from around the pickets.

It is an interesting effect that just happened on its own.


I would have liked to say I planned it that way… but it was just fate.


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Finding Art

On my quest to find art, where ever it is, I was in Asheville and saw a piece of great metalwork.

It was a piece that celebrated the transportation aspect of Asheville.

I am sorry I cannot share with you the artist… but she or he was a great designer and assisted by a great machinist.

main (480x640)


car (640x640)


bike (639x640)

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The Sea Organ

I am a person who has always interested in simple… but fascinating… technology.

Things so simple that make you say “why didn’t I think of that?”.  Yet at the same time are “way cool” in look, or function, or design.

Here is one of them I found this morning.


It is in the Croatian cite of Zadar and is an organ played by the sea.

Yes the sea.

It is all random, interesting, and so simple.

Check out the music here.

And this article has photos

It is well worth the time.

Remember,     Art is everywhere… we just need to find it.

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The Big Cow Bell

drum circle logoAs some of you know, we have started a Drum Circle in Jacksonville.

We were looking for something fun and different to do and a drum circle came up in the conversation.

And now some of you will be saying “what is a Drum Circle?”  A drum circle is just a bunch of folks getting together and playing drums.  Mostly hand drums, and just having a good time.

I had seen the large on in Asheville several times and thought it would be a blast to be part of one… so we did it!

Our first time was a great success and we had as many as 25 people playing at one time.  The downtown area of Jacksonville has not heard that kind of noise since the native people lived here.

Well, not being able to leave well enough alone… I decided the 4 inch cow bell was not good, nor loud, enough.  And, as some of you, you cannot have enough cow bell.

So, being that I am a metal worker…I made a bigger one!

And those of you who know me know, I could not just make a regular one. It had to be some kind of funky design.

So here you go;



It is kind of big… like 20 inches… and makes a lot of noise.

Maybe not great for the orchestra, but for the drum circle… perfect.

So if you would like to give it a try, follow us on twitter at


(because we are going to move out location each time)

And we soon will have a Facebook page… I’m just too busy making important changes to the orchestral instrument supply to get it done right now.

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The River Gate

What do you do when you are asked to create something for a custom designed and constructed home? You have a great time! That’s what you do!

gate 2

I was commissioned to make the gate for a deck. The deck was situated to overlook a beautiful curve in the river.

It was a little intimidating to see the setting and know my work would have to compliment that view.

We had a conversation on style and feel for the gate. We were looking for something that had the craftsman style and feel a connection to the area where it was to be located.

The design “back and forth” is always a fun time. We emailed ideas and evaluated the value of each one until a final version was settled.

Here is a sample of an "idea"

Here is a sample of an “idea”.

I was given enough leeway to be creative and enough structure to be able to satisfy the client.

Long curves with banded overlaps reminiscent of the Nuevo style dominated the design and created a style all its own.

I was off to the computer to create the drawings for the laser cutter.

There was some trouble shooting of design problems, such as curves intersecting with straights. But that is what makes the creative process so much fun.

The parts came back from the laser and seemed to go together well… the welding and banding… the on the spot adjustments and decision making… All that added up to a fun build.



rivitsband 3









The smoooth dark bronze finish looks black in darker light and has gold highlights when in the sun.


Installation when smoothly and the gate looked wonderful in its setting.


latch 2

A fun addition was the latch and handle operation. The gate was to be accessed from the lower steps when entering, and the upper deck when leaving. So we added a feature to make the latch work from above and below. I have to admit it turned out cool and every one of the guys who saw it during the installation thought that was a great addition. (remember, with guys, it is all about the gadgets)

I am pleased with the overall design and how it fits into the overall look of the home and landscape.

I think it was a wonderful project, starting with a great imaginative client and ending with a great piece of metalwork I can be proud of for a long time.

And sometimes, that is what it’s all about.


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Do you have any idea what this dark, almost black, round thing is?pulots 2s

Well let me tell you, it is a Pluot!

If you have not tried one. Go out right now and find them, and eat one!

If you don’t know where to find one, try looking at a plum farm. Or look at an apricot farm.

If you are really smart, go to where there is an apricot farm right next to a plum farm. Yes a pluot if a cross between the two.

And they are great?

Sweet fruit with tangy skin.

Hunt them down and bite one… you will enjoy it.

Trust me!

shirt front sAnd when you do, drop me a line.

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