Table Art

In my “Art All Around Us” hunt I found some in the most unusual place…a table.

Now I don’t mean on the table, I mean the table.

We were eating at the Rx Restaurant and Bar in Wilmington NC and saw a collection of tales which had been made by a craftsman.

The design was interesting. It could have been made of steel and glass…but NO!

They made it cool.


And for that I am thankful.

So thanks to the folks at the Rx Restaurant and Bar, for the treat, both on the table, and the table itself.


If you see some art that is there just because someone decided to make it nice, take a photo of it and send it to me.

The world will be a better place when we share the “Art All Around Us”


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It is Just a Door!

Well, my quest for the “Art All Around Us” kept me close to home this time.

I was in Wilmington NC. and went by one of two old firehouses (that I know of) and got a quick photo.

This is not a firehouse anymore…I wish it were my house… but the guys who crafted this door (probably about 100 years ago) sure knew the art of their craft.

And if they were around I would love to thank them for making it great.


I am out there every day looking for the art we just walk by without noticing. Feel free to join the search with me.


I’d love to see your finds.

And your comments.

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The Other Kind of Osprey

Being that I live in a Marine town (and there are a number of helicopter units stationed here) I have seen a lot of ospreys.

Not the bird, but the tiltrotor V22 Osprey.

I have made a number of osprey wall sculptures as gifts for Marines. But this time it was different.

The owner of a local restaurant, The Osprey Grill,  wanted a large sculpture for the wall in his reception area. I was thrilled to do “the other osprey” and set out to see just what one should look like on the wall.

I looked all over the internet for photos and different flight positions.  I wanted something that would look good and fit into the space available.

I finally settled on the talons down wings up design.


The copper and black contrast was interesting and after two other paint jobs I knew I has found the best finish.

Well, I hung it this week and I think it turned out great. I am proud to have it in a great restaurant where it can be enjoyed by his patrons.

So go by The Osprey Grill and have a great dinner… and look for the Osprey on your way in.


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Being Led By An Eagle

As you know I love finding art for my ”The Art All Around Us” project.

While we were eating out in the city of New Bern, NC  we came out of the restaurant and walked past the historic skipjack “Ada Mae”.

And right there on the front of the boat (they probably call it a spear of strut or something like that) was a carving of an eagle heading into the wind.

I thought it was great looking even after 101 years on the rivers and sounds of Eastern North Carolina.


Capt. Ralph Hodges absolutely had no idea this photo would be on the internet all these years after he had it carved. But I am glad he decided to have his work boat made a little nicer by adding that piece of nautical history to the bow.

If I could go back 101 years and thank the Captain for making an interesting piece of history. I would also tell his daughter the boat named after her would, for a hundred years, be putting smiles on the faces of people who appreciate beautiful things.

The Capt. could have skipped this carving and saved the expense. It was just a working boat anyway.

But no,

He decided to make it nice.

And for that I thank him.


I would love to see your finds of the “Art All Around Us”

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Small Castles

I have been making a series of small pieces for a military unit here at Camp Lejeune and I think they turnout great… so I wanted to share them with you.

The 2nd Combat Engineer Battalion asked me to make small engineers castles to be added to a wooden plaque they award some of their members as they transfer out of the unit.

I was glad to work with them, so I redrew their design and created the smaller castle.



I assembled and painted them then turned them over to the unit for the addition of their wooden plaque and engraving.


Here is my final design.


Then they add the wooden background,

here is the overall finished piece.


I think they do a great job, and I am thrilled to be part of it.

I always enjoy hearing your comments and suggestions.

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Look Up… You’ll Be Amazed

In my quest for ”The Art All Around Us” I was looking up.

And I found more art.

The craftsmanship you can find if you look up around an old building is amazing.

Those old brick masons and plasterers, back then, must have had a lot of creative ideas. There is some beautiful design work on old buildings that means nothing to the structure… except to beautify their building.

They could have made it plain..

But no! They decided to make it nice!

Just because they thought it would be beautiful.

IMG_2013And for that I say thank you.

most people will never see this craftsmanship… but you now will.

I would love to see your finds of the “Art All Around Us”

Or hear your comments on the ones I find.

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A Worn Out Sign…?

I am in the process of making a company sign for the inside office at a construction firm.

I was sent the logo and given a unique challenge… make it look old.

As you can imagine, most of the painting and finishing I do involves working hard to make it smooth and clean. Nope, he wanted it aged and weathered.

And that’s where the fun comes in!

I was shown this photo of the design on one of their trucks.



I started by drawing the design on my computer and figuring how each piece would lay out and interact with the other parts.

The design was then cut from 16 gage steel with a laser. That resulted in this pile of parts. And yes, they all meant something to me and had a place in the design.


The threaded rods that were to hold the whole thing together were welded onto the back of selected parts so that they lined up with the precut holes. Then after cleaning and degreasing, the fun began.

I knew that there needed to be a top coat paint with the correct colors, some primer showing, and some ware through to the bare steel. That was created mostly with paint and a sanding block.



Different layers were added to parts and then wiped off while wet and/or sanded off when dry.



A little work on the wire wheel and I was on the way to making it right.


I then thought that many signs I had seen still had the gloss finish as well as a more matt finished in some areas. So that was an easy fix. Just use two different finishes and blend them together.


After all that paint dried, I spent some crazy amount of time stacking the pieces, calculating the spacers and just making sure the design still worked.



But I think the design turned out great. It is on the way to the owner and I know he will love it as much as I did.


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