Art Where you Least Expect It

I have been preparing for a show at the Wayne County Arts Council and was airbrushing some butterflies…when I saw this.  The cardboard I was working on had caught all the overspray and impressions of the work in a way that I thought was amazing.

bf paint

As I looked it over I noted the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.  Now I just wish I had put a beautiful piece of handmade parchment paper under there.  I would have framed it.   But you know, if I had done that, the results would have been totally different.

Keep your eyes open, art is everywhere!

Even behind what you think is art.


Your thoughts are always enjoyed.

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The Bored Buddha

I have always loved sculpture.

All kinds of sculpture.

I think sculpture can bring things to life in so many ways. It can be a beautiful clay pot on the table, or a giant piece of marble carved to look like a small child covered with a delicate flowing robe.

Now with that said, I have tried a lot of different kinds of sculpture.

But the one I am showing you today is cast stone.

Or as a builder might call it…concrete.

Yes, the same thing your back patio is made of can be used to make sculpture.

(artist just don’t want to call it concrete…cast stone sounds better)


On this project I carved the design from plaster and then made a rubber mold from it to cast the “Stone” in.

I called him the “Bored Buddha” because he just looked like all that enlightening was too tiring on that day.

I think he turned out well… but what I really like about him is that, after about 10 years, he finally has moss growing in him.

As a matter of fact a lot of the stonework in my yard developed moss last year. I am really liking the aged look and am encouraging more to grow wherever it can.

I hope you like the little guy (he is about 11 inches tall).

He has been watching over our yard for a while and now just seems to fit in even better.

What have you been growing moss on lately ?

I would love to hear about it.

Send me a message, or even better, a photo in the form below.

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Art Where You Find It

My quest for all the art around us let me to Des Monies, Iowa recently.

I was out for a morning walk (I use to have morning runs… but I aged out of that) and saw these street signs.

They were carved from clay and represented scenes from the past life of the area.




There was no need to make them this nice… they just did.

And for that I say thank you.


Art is out there… we just need to look up from our phones and see it.

You will be surprised at what you see.


As always, show me the art you find.

You can even use the form below to make it easier.

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NO! It’s Not Always Organized

I do a lot of mechanical things in my work. I design and present a lot of my work on the computer. People are often amazed by some of those technical aspects. (Most of the time it amazes me too)

But to be honest…sometimes I just wing it!!!

I am currently making a security gate for a home and they wanted to add a Panamanian style decoration as an accent. I drew it on the computer and presented it to them for approval.

All was well until I had to …as I say… make it go 3D.

Transferring the design to the steel so I could cut it was kind of complicated. The steel only comes in one shape, and I had a lot of small pieces to cut and fit into that space.

So after a few tries, I just decided to go “low tech” and I taped paper to the gate and drew it with spray paint.




It may not look great right now. But I have a design I can work with in life size pieces.

And for this project, the low tech way is the best way.

I’ll post a photo when it is done, but for now, its paper and cardboard… enjoy!


If you have a low tech solution to a high tech problem I would love to hear about it. Use the box below to tell me about it, or even send me a photo to I’d love to see it.

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Little Giant Power Hammer

I bought a Little Giant 25# power hammer a good while ago…


I refused to bring it to the studio to start the rehab (it’s about 100 years old) because I knew I would get no other work done while I played with it. and I had a lot of work to do!

Well I finally had to get it out of a friend’s storage unit so it has made its way to the studio.


It is small for a power hammer just a 25-pound ram. But it will do a lot hammering that will make my arm feel better. Step on the pedal and watch it do about 60 hits per min.   Or I can hold a 3 lb hammer in my hand and do about 10 hits per min… you see where the tradeoff is?


Anyway, it will need some work and rework to get it running perfectly

but as you know

that is part of the fun.

These are  ome before photos of the hammer. It is about 5 feet tall and weighs about 900 pounds.

Yes, I will need to find out where it will be located in the studio, and get it put there real soon.

More photos to come as I get it rebuilt and working.

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Life Gives You a Stump… Make It Art

face stumpHere is today’s Art Where You Find It….

If an Oak tree goes down in the front yard… make the most of it!


Art is everywhere.

Send me your finds,

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Art Where You Find It… (I think it’s a light)

I found some more art “out there”…

where they didn’t have to put art…

But they did!

This time it is in Raleigh NC.

We had gone to see my niece dance with the NC Ballet and I was walking to get the car when I saw this….



It is made of stainless, has oak leaves, and acorns on it for decoration…

I think it will be a light at the cross walk… but it does not work yet so I am not sure.


They didn’t have to make it this nice… but they did….

And I think we need to celebrate “them” for it.

So if you are in Raleigh and are looking for art… here is some that is not in a gallery of museum.


Where are you finding art? It’s all around us, we just need to look for it.

Keep sending me your photos


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