Yes, They Were Chicken Wire Lions!

Last summer we were in the UK for a vacation.

We went to the Tower of London to see all the history.  While we were there, I noticed something on top one of the back walls.

Chicken Wire Lions!!!

lion 2 s

An artist, who’s name I unfortunately do not know, had crafted life size and realistic looking lions from chicken wire.lion s 1


Knowing the British people, they probably have a more interesting name for it than chicken wire, but that is what I call it.


They were placed without fanfare, and allowed to be discovered on your own.

lion 3s

I think they were fabulous!


I’d love to hear what you think.


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I met a young artist the other day.  Keoki came to my studio because he had done some welding with his grandfather and was interested in seeing what I was doing and the equipment I had on hand.

Oh, did I say, he was 13?

We talked for a while and I showed him all my projects, in various levels of completion.

Then we talked about his art.

He has been working on abstract art made from cut paper.  He showed me several of his designs.

They were intricate art.  It obviously took a lot of concentration to reach the level of this work.

And all from a teenager!!  As they say in Brittan ….Good form old chap…


Then he told me he had made one for me!


What do you think?

It is going on the art wall in my office.


Young artist need to be encouraged.  So I am helping to make him known to a few more folks.

You can comment on the form below, and he will see them.


Thanks for reading.

The Idle Minds of Metalworkers

I seem to have an eye for the unnoticed.  I always seem to see things that others miss.   I am also always looking for the backstory.  You know, the reason something happened, or why things are the way they are.

Well I have an interesting one. I call it “The Idle Minds of Metalworkers”

Long ago everything was made by hand.  Metalworkers were out there making all kinds of things. Some of it would have been very boring, repetitive work.   But I think they were still interested in trying to create artistic pieces…

Enter the lowly boot scraper.

The metalworkers could have made it a simple steel bar…but NOOO!

I looked around and noticed something much more interesting had been made.

OBSERVE…  the lowly Boot Scraper:scraper set 2

You could be the only guy in the neighborhood

with the Sphinx on his porch?

These guys felt there was a need to save the space on the porch…so they put the boot scraper close to the wall and carved a “cave” for your toe to go into so the scraper worked.  Imagine the pre planning involved in thinking this through before the base stone was mortared in place.

This one was one is from the Cotswold area in England  (as you notice the stone is different from the rest).  The mud there must have been so bad they redesigned the scraper to have a raised section to get the rough stuff off .

Here are a collection of scrapers, mostly from Bath, and created around the early 1700.  All the scrapers I saw in Bath were cast iron, so they got a little more ornate.  The town has fine paved streets now…but if every door had one of these next to it… evidence that it may have been a little different back then.  We did see some repeats but most were unique to their specific house.

scraper set1

This is one of my favorites.

It is cast iron, and we found it in Bath also. boot 3

But it’s the little things…. the extra blade at the top… the overall ornate design… the one leg, which was set in the stone with molten lead. (very old school).

It just seemed to speak to me.

How about you?

Are you out there looking for the little pieces of art all around us?

Too many people walk by without noticing them.

Not me…. I am looking for them evey day!

Life is too short and there is too many fascinating things in the world not to slow down and take notice.

As always, I  love getting your comments. Or see the pieces of art you notice.

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Pointing the Way

Don’t you just love this guy!


I think he is a policeman…but I am not sure.  He is in the square at Temple Bar in Dublin.

He is using his flashlight to point to something… I don’t know… maybe where beer is located.

I just fell in love with him the minute I saw him.lite 2

Thought you might too.

I welcome your thoughts and comments.

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Pittsburgh Trash Can… YES!

Finding art all around us is my (sorta) full time task.  If you open your eyes, you will find it too.

I just returned from Pittsburgh… what a great city, by the way….and I found art in interesting places…like the trash can.

Not in the trash can…the trash can itself.

Yes, the trash can. trash 1s

They had cans at the Mount Washington overlook above the city, and upon closer examination, there was something very nice about them.  The design on the side of the container was a cityscape of Pittsburgh, complete with trees underneath and the stars above.  There were even tracks for the Duquesne Incline Tram which takes you up the side of the hill.

It was just a trashcan holder… but someone decided it needed to be art!

And I got to experience it.  Then those with me did also, ‘cuse I stopped them and made them look!

 Bravo to you, Pittsburgh trash can people.  

(I am sure there is a more formal name…just don’t know what it is…Sorry).

You guys made art where there is usually no art.

And I thank you.

Here are two more photos of art just because it would make the place nicer.  They are from Pittsburgh’s Mexican War Street District.  They were carved about 100 years ago, but that just make them better.

carving shands s











Keep sending your finds of art- just because.  I love seeing them.


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Why Don’t We Do More of This?

I found this water main cover in the street. ,


And I had to ask the question, “Why don’t we do more of this?” It took about as long to make this one as it would to make an ugly/ simple/ uninteresting one.

But they decided to make it nice!

And write it in Gallic.

Cool huh!


They didn’t just paint an arrow on the ground for directions either.

Here is the way it should be done

No they made it nice!



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Working With Nature’s Help

The typical winter day in Coastal NC happened yesterday.

35 degrees on Monday…70 degrees on Tuesday.

Yes this is January in North Carolina.  And I love it!!

I was in need of some interesting driftwood for a sculpture I was creating and this was the perfect day to see what nature had washed down the river.


Yes that is what the sky looks like on a Carolina winter day

I have the advantage of having the best kind of boat…one owned by a friend.

But he is as interested in finding cool things as I am and was more that happy to be out of the house and out on the river.  So we were off.

Trying to find just the right piece.

Trying to find just the right piece.

We were looking for pieces with character.

Nature has a way of making things interesting, by twisting and stressing them in a lot of ways.  It makes for interesting wood and beautiful results come from interesting wood.


There is so much movement in the grain of this piece of cedar that we had to try to figure out how to use it.DSCN0961s



The day’s hall was kind of unruly as we made out way back to the docks.   Now the challenge is to create something which celebrates this piece of nature’s handiwork.


I’ll let you know …and of course… show you pictures.


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